About 7D

There are many businesses in Australia that have a website that hasn’t been updated for years or have no website at all. Considering how cheaply and easily the process is, there’s no excuse. I would like to help.

Hello. My name is David. In 2001, I was an English teacher and started making blogs and websites as a hobby. Since then, I have slowly increased the number of websites which I own personally. I have also slowly increased the number of websites I make for others.

In 2006, I quit teaching and now website creation and website administration contributes to my income. I update all of my personal websites as often as I can to keep them up-to-date and to keep up with the latest web design trends.

Is it too expensive? Look through the options and prices on this website to see that it isn’t.

Does my business need a website? Like a business sign or a business card, a website contains contact information and creates a professional image. Creating a professional image is the first step to creating a more professional business.

Are custom made websites which have a forum, an online shop and other applications too difficult and too expensive? They are more complicated and costly but they are much easier and cheaper to make than 10 years ago and they’re getting easier and cheaper every year.

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