Content Management

Content Management Options

If you choose to manage your content yourself, you will receive a username and password to log into the website admin section (dashboard) for free.

After you login, inserting text and images is easy. Changing the website colours is also easy. You can even try completely new design templates and easily give your website a completely different look.

Written instructions can assist with covering all the basics which can create a complete and professional website.

If you need help with creating or organizing content for your websites, the following options are available. The following services can be purchased in 20 minute blocks of work for $20 per block. This can be purchased in advance or paid for on a daily basis.

Proofreading – Think about what your customers often ask or should ask and quickly type your answers in an email. Send the emails to me at 7D. I will insert the text with correct grammar, spelling, paragraphs and clarity. Email me some relevant photos and I’ll include them too.

Copywriting – If you’re busy and don’t have time to type anything, you can talk about your business (or other purpose of your website) over the phone. I will preferably record the conversion or take notes and turn your spoken words into text for your website. If you’re extremely busy, you can simply request content to be created for your website using information already on the internet.